Intensional Snapshot. (3.12 minutes, 2019)

Intentionality (from Latin intentio - intention) is a concept in philosophy, which means the central property of human consciousness: to be directed at some subject. Being directed should be understood in the mode of desirability, selectivity, aspectuality, interested in the consideration of "this" particular object. Strictly speaking, intentionality means that the intentional act is comprehended only by the repeatedly identifiable unity of the meaning that is meant: what Husserl calls "noema", or the intentional correlate of the "noetic" act of positing. Living in a society of rapid reproduction of visual, in the world of fragmentation of meanings and pictures, intentional concentration could be that phenomenon, that can give the spectator some additional forces for attentive and thoughtful consumption of external forms of reality. This work is an attempt to offer a visual focus on fluid, volatile fragments of the world that could become fragments, photographs inside the multimedia medium. They remained flux, not shards of snapshots. But, thanks to the intenational aspiration, the spectator is invited to stay with the deliberately fragmented flow of images and experiences by the author of the surrounding world in the inner silence of his own reflection.