Alexander Das - I am a thief

This book is fiction, all the texts in this book are fantasy. It is the diary of a man who never existed in reality. There is probably not a single word of “truth” in its traditional, applied meaning of the word in this diary-recognition. But perhaps the overall meaning of the book will be significant enough for you personally to “share” and “believe” in it. The author invites you to read this fictional confession, and though he suggests it to you, I’m not sure if there is anything much more serious than such тогда flights of fancy. All photos in this book are taken from public sources (, distributed under CC0 license, and can be used for commercial purposes.

"I am a thief. I know that, and I even love it. Occasionally, when I’m lying in bed sick, I wonder which thought will be the very last before the lights go out. Every life seems like a collection of pictures being watched with a flashlight under the blanket. And no one knows exactly when that light will go out, obviously. My name is A.D., - and this is my diary. My confession. My biography - and the memory of what is normally called life. Now that I’ve had time to think it through properly, I know for a fact - I’ve always been stealing time. And the more I learn about the world, the better I steal. My life has lasted longer than I ever hoped. My diary is the key witness of my time and the time of others."

30 copies, first print

Text editor: Galina Anni

Translation editor: E. Podgornova

Special thanks: A. Nikolaev


Alexander Chernavskiy - Haute couture

42 [6] zine

Does the haute couture survive under the conditions of «hate speech» and various clichés of everyday consciousness? Nowadays, the phenomenon of household «hate speech» has become a regular satellite of life - and has become one of the everyday clichés itself. Fashion has certainly become a banality within the Fashion TV channel, as well.Meanwhile, for us, fashion itself often becomes vague spots of real and false memories of our norm of perception of beauty. Meanwhile, for us, fashion itself often becomes vague spots of real and false memories of our norm of perception of beauty. Its aesthetic foundations are constantly being tested from the outer world. Half of this book project is pseudo-documentary reminiscences of rejection or even hatred of consumers of the ordinary and normative. The other half are vague, timeless photos from fashion shows, high fashion in its indistinct, reduced visual code. Sometimes it seemed to me, as an author, that at this intersection an intonation of ironic self-reflection is born. And sometimes it was not enough. 

42 [] zine // 6 / first print 

 zine concept & photos (ipad screenshots): Alexander Chernavskiy 

text: Alexander Chernavskiy 

special thanks:  Galina A. 

25+2 AP copies 


Alexander Das - Black sun of the Leviathan

42 [5] zine

Leviathans exist. They even know how to reproduce but only in the rays of the black sun. When black and white colors change places. And once the sun acquires its opposite color in one of the countries, the Leviathan comes there. It cannot be seen with an ordinary eye but leaves a clear trace of his inexorable tread in the news. News make Leviathan and people reconcile with each other so that they begin to live in peace and harmony. Until the set date. Until the day when the sun finds its color and light. When that day comes, the monster will hide to find a new place in its beloved black light. Today Leviathan is living among us, and the news regularly makes us aware of it. This series is an art documentary visual fantasy based on the Leviathan project of the Anti-Corruption Foundation founded by Alexey Navalny. It highlights the features of the current sociopolitical climate in Russia, where bureaucracy and power have been in a stable symbiosis for many years and where the role of the State continues to grow. Leviathan continues to grow.

42 [] zine // 5 / first print 

zine concept & photos: Alexander Das 


 special thanks: Joyce A.K. 

23 + 2 AP copies 


Alexander Chernavskiy - I-fem40

42 [4] zine

It’s not my responsibility to be beautiful. I’m not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me. Warsan Shire What remains from woman when the rules of her life are dictated by men? Usually, something very little. Sometimes only dribs and drabs, fragments of memory of an unfulfilled or alien life. Iran in 2019 is a rogue state with more than 41 million women living in it. The Islamic Revolution of 1979 has changed a lot for them. As a result of the revolution, tens of thousands of people were arrested, hundreds of thousands chose the fate of refugees without accepting the new rules of life. After 40 years, the world drew attention to another manifestation of intolerance towards dissent, this time the covers of music albums were banned. The streaming service Melovaz censored the images of women on them. Performers were totally covered up or painted over the background color. At the same time, the male musicians remained untouched. In place, the Madonnas, Lana Del Rey, Billy Elish and Lady Gaga left a void. It might seem funny if it is not correspond to the letter and spirit of modern Iran. Wearing a hijab, a ban on attending sports, little girls as wives ... Forty years after the revolution. Very little for the history, very much for the woman in black. 

I-fem40 42 [] zine // 4 / first print 

 zine concept & photos: (mobile screenshots): Alexander Chernavskiy 

cover: (CC0 license) 

special thanks: Joyce A.K., Marina S.

 23+2 AP copies 


Alexander Chernavskiy - Диалоги о Пустоте

42 [3] zine

Гого и Диди снова затеяли разговор. На этот раз они вспомнили о существовании          . Возможно, у них не было другого выхода. Или они захотели стать         . Это неизвестно им самим. В мире всегда остаются места. От старого гвоздя, от ненаписанной симфонии, от непрожитой жизни. С этим ничего нельзя сделать, хотя это не самая плохая новость. В           есть исчезновение, но есть форма.                 легко заменяет собой все, до чего может дотянуться. В             мы теряем детали и очертания даже хорошо знакомых предметов, превращающихся в            . Самое простое переживание мира. Где-то около          . 

42 [] zine // 3 / первый тираж 

текст и фото: Александр Чернавский 

 Редактор: Галина Анни 

 50 копий 


Alexander Chernavskiy - V.V.P cult

42 [2] zine 

Almost all my life I am listening to his voice, sometimes confident and quiet, sometimes almost steel and is never late to our homes. And once a year, loads of people listen to a familiar voice. Is it a kind of performance? Perhaps it is. And it becomes more and more meaningless, but more horrible at the same time. By making huge country to face him, he has plunged it into the silence of his voice, but it was rather boring carnival for him – and now we hear this voice through the cold wind and silence over the country. For eighteen years he has been spelling a big country with different words – but rarely his gaze finds something intimate – worthy of at least a shadow of a smile to appear on his smooth face. Mr. President. V.V.P. It is a well-known fact that he is loved by many, and one can try to prove this theorem of love inside the country, using a personal mobile phone and Russian equivalent of eBay… In recent years, a new cult strengthened. Finding evidence of life success and power. And inside the country – once again things are multiplied by his name and words. His reflection creates new things again and again. It provides numerous senses – forming a new cult in a big north country. 

42 [] zine // 2 / first print 

zine concept & photos (mobile screenshots): Alexander Chernavskiy 

50 copies 


Alexander Chernavskiy - Day of an existence call 

 42 [1] zine 

Посторонний человек начинается с самого себя. Ведь только его Размышления обещают ему спасительные Слова. Какая безнадежная мысль. Похоже на первые неуверенные содрогания горла перед тем, как Тошнота мгновенно согнет всю человеческую гордость, его достоинство, исчезнут его Изнанка и лицо. Он торопливо скроется За закрытыми дверями древнего храма. И тогда человеку захочется испытать на прочность Бегство от свободы самого себя куда угодно, даже если неожиданно придет Счастливая смерть, то пусть она принесет облегчение. Жизнь подавится невнятными содроганиями слабеющего тела, и начнется его Падение, Бытие и ничто вместе сорвутся вниз. Мир существует для того, чтобы даже Человек в поисках смысла мог вернуться, умыться, взглянуть на себя в зеркало и вернуться в мир, где знают Как строилась Великая китайская Стена и тонет Бумажный шарик. Жажда и голод потребуют новые Стулья, чтобы снова рассматривать банальные, но Прелестные картинки В поисках смысла. Хохочут Гог и Магог. Размышления о смерти ждут в последней крепости Расколотое «Я», которому предстоит испытать Осадное положение самого себя. И еще они будет мстить – за свой разрушенный Замок из песка, за Путешествие среди мертвых, за Жизнь без страха смерти. Мстить любовью, ждать Страх и трепет бесконечности, умножать Самопознание на Смысл и назначение. До тех пор, пока после человека вновь не останутся только Слова, которые будут свидетельствовать в его пользу, надеясь на его Мужество быть. 

42 [] zine // 1 / first print 

Photos: Alexander Chernavskiy 


hand glued and coloured 

special thanks: Galina Anni, Olga Bubich 

50 copies 


Alexander Chernavskiy - Autumn book 

Photos: Alexander Chernavskiy 

Text: home archive 

Printing: 30 copies, hand numbered 

First edition, first printing, self-published 

80 pages 

size: 150x200 mm

Alexander Chernavskiy - Suite about the end of the world for cello and ukulele. dialogues of Gogo and Didi (II)

Text, photos: Alexander Chernavskiy

Text editor: Galina Anni

Translation: Fiona Chernavskaya

Cover: xochicalco

Special thanks: A.N., A.Z., N.B., E.P.

96 pages (213 photos, 67 dialogues) 

Paper: 160 gr. 


Alexander Chernavskiy - The Glass Bead Game

Big data, neural networks, AI algorithms ... All of this is happening right now, in the world where Castalia province has not been established, the «The Glass Bead Game » has not been invented, the Magister Ludi have never been born. But in this real world of post-human technologies and neutron future, we can play words, science, and human again. This book is a game – and there are rules, there are winners and losers in it. But if you are playing this game and sift through the beads of words, perhaps you are already the winner? In this book, the author used a public online service for generating pseudo-scientific texts by Yandex company. The text given on the cards is a gibberish from 12 areas of science (Astronomy, Geology, Gyroscopy, Literature, Marketing, Mathematics, Musicology, Political science, Soil Science, Law, Psychology, Country Studies, Physics, Philosophy, Chemistry, Aesthetics). In a number of texts, one can find a minimal author’s editorial correction. The visual component of the game is based on the public image archive (CC0 license), as well as on the author’s imitation of multiple exposure techniques.   

idea: Alexander Chernavskiy

photos and sticker: collage ( content (CC0 license) 

text: generator 

Self-published, first printing 

Printing: 50 copies, 

Edition: standard and collection

68 cards + sticker +cover


Alexander Chernavskiy - Summer book 

Photos: Alexander Chernavskiy 

Text: home archive 

Printing: 60 copies, hand numbered 

 First edition, first printing, self-published 

68 pages size: 

150x200 mm

Alexander Chernavskiy - eBay them all!


shortlisted for Anamorphosis Prize  2017 (NY)

selected for the festival and contest "Direct Look" (contest "Young photography", S-Petersburg) 

selected for photobook exhibition through Athens Photo Festival 2017

For many, the 20th century was a time of iron, darkness, and blood. The world was tested almost to destruction by those who love power above all. Those who could sacrifice others freely and easily. Dictators. A time of fear, death and terrible dreams. Decades of dead bodies and millions of dreadful moments. And now? Today, E-bay hosts a brisk trade in this horror from the past. We race to acquire the busts and autographs of the darkest people from history. A dictator may be a worthwhile purchase — labelled, domesticated and safe? By buying his portrait, do you reduce the presence of the terrible in the world? Or do you buy – and thus share in the grim power of the past, with a taste of cold sweat and grave soil? They say that the world has changed dramatically. Now no one calls for arms and hatred. Now, we all gladly consume. There’s much less time for interrogations, dungeons and prisons.

Buy! Sell! Еbay them all!

Printing: 150 copies, hand numbered,

First edition, first printing. Self-published 

52 pages,  773 photos (mobile phone screenshots), 1 sticker, 1 magnifying glass, 1 additional cover

size: 210×297 mm


Alexander Chernavskiy  - Censored and fuckable

— Единственное, что отделяет нас от животных, — сказала мамуля. 

— У нас есть порнография. 

Чак Паланик. Удушье

 Я так и не мог понять, что в порнографии законно, а что – нет. 

Энди Уорхол, Пэт Хэкетт. Попизм. Уорхоловские 60-е 

 В начале XXI века тело человека оказалось в эпицентре внимания нового мира, который только начал осваиваться на виртуальных просторах нового тысячелетия. В эпоху кризиса всех традиционных религиозных культов, именно тело оказалось новым центром мира, тело стало пьедесталом, инструментом и глиной для культуры и мировоззрения. Тело оживило и бросило вызов моральным основаниям, обнаружило себя перекрестком старых законов и новой этики. Границы возможного не только расширились до предельной наготы, но и вступили в борьбу с канонами допустимых приличий и табу. Эта незримая схватка возможного и обязательного идет прямо сейчас вокруг нас, внутри нас, за нас... Новый мир уже нырнул в мир виртуальной свободы, - и там тело лишилось привычных рамок благовидности и благопристойности. Но в реальности старые присяги приличия остаются в силе, - и они часто требуют к ответу виновных. Сегодня каждый сам может выбрать собственный мир представлений о теле и его свободе, но каждый может оказаться наедине с непониманием и осуждением этого маленького и уютного мира. И все же мы помним, что уже сегодня виртуальные представления о реальности постепенно становятся плотью и судьбой наших собственных тел. Александр Ч.

photos: 56 screenshots 

Printing: 20 copies. Self-published, first edition 

66 pages 


Alexander Chernavskiy - Dialogues of Gogo and Didi 

Text, photos, translation: Alexander Chernavskiy 

Text editor: Galina Anni 

Translation: A. Sergienko, T. Berezina, S. Kurinina, H. Dzhahaf 

Cover, sticker: Varvara Grankova 

Printing: 120 copies, handnumbered. First edition, first printing, self-published 

120 pages (19 photos, 83 dialogues) 

size: 150x200 mm


Alexander Chernavskiy - Winter book 

Photos: Alexander Chernavskiy 

Text: home archive

Printing: 70 copies, hand numbered 

First edition, first printing, self-published 66 pages 

size: 150x200 mm

Book review


Alexander Chernavsky & Alexander Vlasov - Alpha photobook

In 2014, Alexander Chernavsky began to collect material for a future book "Alpha". A few months have been devoted to the finding and selecting the proper corresponding text fragments in the network Twitter, where a variety of women around the world broadcast their own imagination and their own real-life experience of sensuality and sexuality. Among the heroines were porn stars, and women living in India, Iran ... In the beginning of the fifteenth year, along with photographer Alexander Vlasov, he began working on shooting the project. An attempt to formulate a naked statement on the subject of the current state of feminism ended in the creation of photo book in the beginning of autumn 2015. This book starts a new series of books through the competition Dostoevskiy Talent, devoted to the promotion of authors from the former Soviet Union through the International community. The book itself, using the well-known principle of typology, positioning itself as a conceptual object-subject artistic statement that uses such an element of the language of contemporary art as deconstruction and desires viewers reflection upon the context of time and the state of the described phenomenon.

Pages: 96

Place: Amsterdam 

Year: 2015 

Publisher: Dostoevsky Publishing 

Size: 15 x 21 cm 


Alpha photobook from alexander chernavskiy on Vimeo.