Kazantip Republic. Color version.





Participants of Kazantip festival near the entrance zone. Yellow suitcases is the specific cult in Kazantip. Owners of authentic, right-designed suitcases have a right to get multi-viza to the Kazantip republic free of charge. Traditionally, there are lots of freaks among this group of people, who adore being in Kazantip, but have no extra money.


There are plenty of bars and discos on the territory of Kazantip, right on the seashore. Practically all bars are working 24 hours a day. This s the construction of one of the central bars and its public in the middle of the day.


Public oral sex on the seaside after the night party. Kazantip Republic laws are very loyal for such kind of activity. anyone can enjoy sexlife in public, sometimes you can be the witness of such scenes.


Hookah smoking is a rather popular way to spend some time. Especially in the evening, before the start of disco parties and intensive night life. Many of bars have hookah for their guests, there are even special bars for special judges. Sometimes you can feel a smell in the air, - not only of tobacco...


There are several dance-halls inside the Kazantip. The main square can contain several thousands of people, but most of them were designed for several hundreds or even tens of people. Since 11 p.m. up to 10 a.m. plenty of people, Kazantip "citizens" are traveling through the territory of Republic to visit these dance halls. many of them have their specific music narrative.


Many of Kazantip citizens, especially men are willing to dance through the whole night. It demands lots of energy and power. One of the most popular drinks during the night - Vodla+redb-bull. many of dancers drink a couple of such cocktails through the night. Some of them are mixing this with "rapid" drugs, like extasy, to keep fit.


All Kazantip territory is full of colorful light during the nights. Every year the light equipment is improving, in order to please the audience. One can see very delicious visual effects, especially on the main dance square which works through the procedures of opening and closing the Kazantip festival.